OIPEEC – International Organization for the Study of Ropes


OIPEEC Best Paper at the Conference Award

The OIPEEC award aims to stimulate an interest in the study of rope technology by encouraging rope scientist, engineers and researchers from around the globe to contribute to this field.

OIPEEC has set aside an amount of two thousand Euros for the prize. The OIPEEC awards took different forms in the past years. Nowadays, since 2013, OIPEEC offers during each conference an award for the best papers.

The papers are assessed by a Jury of at least four members of the Management Committee. The members of the jury will not assess a paper produced and/or presented by a person affiliated to the same company or organization as them.

In judging the entries the Jury takes account of the following aspects:

  • Novelty
  • Industrial relevance
  • Scientific relevance
  • Quality of the presentation
  • Quality of the paper