OIPEEC – International Organization for the Study of Ropes

2007 OIPEEC Conference Abstracts

Author(s) ODN Title
S. Martin and N.L. Hein Rope – machine interaction on machine hoists using coiling grooves to the LeBus® pattern
C.R. Chaplin, J.E. Bradon and I.M.L. Ridge Modeling fatigue damage distribution to inform slip and cut policy for riser tensioner ropes
S. Mostert and P. Musgrove Winder rope bottom layer (back end) maintenance
S. Grimestad and B. Johansson A method to increase the head rope life of a single conveyance friction hoists at hoisting distances up to 2,000 m by reducing the static load range
A. Allner An epic journey into the manufacturing of modern wire rope lubricants with focus on the mining industry
S. Babendererde and J. Pusch Managing and lubricating ropes with oil
L. Dieng, J.R. Urvoy, D. Siegert, P. Brevet, V. Perier and C. Tessier Assessment of lubrication and zinc coating on the high cycle fretting fatigue behaviour of high strength steel wires
U. Briem Torque cycle fatigue of wire ropes
O. Gronau Experiences during the magneto-inductive rope testing under application of LF and LMA sensors
C. Quirlon, G. Couture and B. McLaughlin The LaRonde Rope Surveillance System
A. Young and B. Delaney Recent advances in automated visual rope inspection
S. Winter, D. Moll and K.-H. Wehking Innovative visual rope inspection method for maintenance
A. Vorontsov, V. Volokhovsky, J. Halonen and J. Sunio Prediction of operating time of steel wire ropes using magnetic NDT data
P. Greyling, R. Rontgen, G. Rebel and B. Schmitz Premature discard of 45mm ropes operating on a Blair Multi-Rope rock winder
J. Dubuisson and M. Cantin Study on mechanical conditions of the looseness of the outer wires of ropeway haulage ropes
J. Kleyhans, J. Kapp, G. Rebel and B. Schmitz A case study of 54 mm ropes operating on a double drum rock winder
L. Louw Difficulties with long ropes (3,400 m) and new approach on how to extend winder rope life – Twin Shaft BMR rock winder
I.M.L. Ridge, N. O’Hear, R. Verreet, O. Grabandt and C.A. Das High strength fibre cored steel wire rope for deep hoisting applications
W. Vogel, S. Schönherr and K.-H. Wehking Alternative wire material for suspension means used in good handling and flow systems
P. -G. Voigt Eight-strand ropes for surface mining and rope rotation combined with lay length changes for Koepe hoist winders